Yellow is a cheerful, warm colour which is associated with a bright warm summer’s day, the spring daffodils, tulips and the colour of happiness and joy.

yellow Wedding Bouquets

Different shades of yellow can create different moods, orange yellows will leave people alert and clear the mind, whilst a bright sunny yellow of a gerbera daisy is said to create a mood of happiness and symbolise creativity.

In other cultures yellow represents courage and peace.

For weddings as you can see from the pictures below the popular colour matches with yellow are the warm tones of yellow and orange, yellow and pink or three colour combinations of yellow orange and pink.  The complementary colour scheme where colour sit opposite on the colour wheel of yellow and purple. Or the spit complementary colours of yellow and blue with their strong visual contrast. Yellow and black or yellow black and white make striking combinations or yellow and grey will make a more subtle match.

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