Winter is the coldest season, starting in December and ending in February winter is the season that is fresh and can cover the landscapes with beautiful blankets of snow.

Winter wedding flowers

If you’re undecided on which beautiful flowers to have at your wedding day, choosing winter flowers that are in season is a great place to start!  Choosing your flowers for the winter season will not only give the best effect but it will also save you a lot of money as seasonal flowers are a lot easier to source therefore the prices will be at their lowest, which is great.

Winter time in England is when some flowers are a little harder to find,but that wont stop you coming across some beautiful seasonal winter colours.  Here are some of the most stunning winter flowers out there;

winter wedding flowers

To create a spectacular winter wonderland wedding pure white amaryllis, calla lily’s and rich cherry red and chocolate cosmos combine together mixing warmth and luxury with fresh, crisp and pure flowers. For a more festive Christmas themed wedding think about rich purples, deep reds, greens along with sapphire blues. You can find these glamorous seasonal colours in roses, tulips, peonies and hydrangeas, adding ribbon in sparking silver or gold will add the finishing touches to your festive flowers beautifully.

Perfect Winter Buttonholes

winter buttonholes

Buttonholes are a small flower arrangement usually made up from the same flowers as the bridal bouquets.  Winter buttons holes are simple, stylish and elegant and following the winter theme will look fantastic with some seasonal trims such as fern, berries, tartan, crystal, holly, pine cones and even festive things like baubles and ribbons. Calla Lily’s are a traditional flower used at weddings, a small stem of white or deep red Lily’s tied with a simple ribbon can make pretty and festive button hole. Roses symbolize love and come in a wide range of winter shades to create classic button holes. If your looking for something a bit special Phalaenopsis Orchids  make very classy button holes and come in unique patterns and shades.

Stunning Winter Centerpiece Ideas

winter wedding table flowers

Centre pieces these days can be anything you want them to be, ranging from classic flower bouquets and candles to goldfish glass bowls. If you’re a flower person then keep in mind when choosing your table decoration that people have to communicate so keep you centre piece a reasonable size. Single tall stems of Agapanthus, Gerberas, Narcissus, Roses, Calla Lily’s and Chrysanthemum  look sophisticated, modern and elegant. The rich colours of the Amaryllis and the delicate clusters of Bouvardia will bring an elegant display to any winter wedding but also take up little room leaving that much needed space for plates, favours and communicating with the other guests.
More traditional centre piece made up of a small bouquet are beautiful and not too overpowering. Bouquets of short stemmed white tulips create classy winter displays while roses in deep winter shades make stunning centre pieces. Bouquets of Cymbidium Orchids are the perfect centre piece if your looking for unusual glamour and beauty your wedding.

Just remember when choosing the winter flowers for you reception venue that the majority of your wedding will be spent there, people will be socializing, dancing and eating there so your flowers need to be fabulous but not have an overpowering scent or berries that may be messy with children.

Beautiful Winter Wedding Bouquets

winter wedding bouquets

There are so many styles of bouquets to choose from, the most popular are;

The Posy – A small rounded bouquet easily held in one hand that’s either hand tied by ribbon or structured and wired together. A fabulous winter posy can be made up from roses the silky petals and rich deep colours look stunning in a posy embellished with pearls or beads.

The Arm Bouquet – Popular since the 1900’s and fit the part beautifully in modern weddings. Long stems of orchids and calla lilies make stylish and tasteful arm bouquets all year round.

Cascading Bouquet – The most traditional of all bouquets its designed to spill gracefully over the brides hands into a delicate trail of flowers. Almost all flowers can be used in a cascading bouquet. Roses and tulips in deep rich winter shades keep the bouquet traditional with a festive feel.

Pomander Bouquet – Balls of delicate flowers suspended from a decorative ribbon pomander bouquets look beautiful and petite often carried by flower girls and young brides maids. Peonies and gerberas create stunning pomander balls and can be made up in almost any colour to go with any wedding theme.

When planning your wedding and winter wedding flowers don’t forget to check the availability of your chosen flowers with your wholesalers or florists. Some flowers can be seasonal and this will reflect in the price for that month.