Winter is the coldest season, starting in December and ending in February this season can sometimes cover the landscapes with beautiful blankets of snow. A beautiful time of year to see snow, icicles, warm log fires, Christmas and Santa clause, winter is also a spectacular time of year to get married. Winter brings the rich intense colours at Christmas time along with the pure sharp clean colours to compliment the weather.

 Winter Wedding Bouquets

For that festive warmth at your wedding think deep purples, intense reds, greens, cranberry pinks and royal blues. If you want your wedding to be a true winter wonderland stick to pure white, crisp silver and ice blues for a fresh pure look.

Bouquets for your winter wedding can be slightly more expensive and you may find some flowers are hard to get hold of as they are out of season. Flowers which should be in season include: the iris, snowdrop, Lisianthus and the Camellia. You can really bring your bouquet to life with some beautiful fillers and accessories such as crystal or glass charms, winter berries and holly.  Though you should be careful of children around berries as some can be poisonous.

The selection of wedding bouquet pictures below show examples of bouquet colours and colours matched together as well as various design types from hand tied bouquets to cascading bouquets to flower baskets and flower hoops.

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