Changing your surname when you get married is an old tradition that has been in practice for many years.  Today the bride has more choices on what she would like her surname to be and can even follow some modern day trends.

signing wedding register


And just in case you are not aware of the options here is some information.

    • Women can continuing to use your maiden name after they get married.
    • Women can choose to take their husband’s surname
    • Some may use the husband’s surname but then use their maiden name as a middle name
    • Some may continue to use their maiden name for reputation reasons and use the husband’s name for all other purposes
    • Men may choose to take the surname of his wife to be.
    • There are options to double-barrell your surname, this will combine both names with a hyphenated version
    • Creating a new surname (meshing) this is where both couple’s surnames are ‘meshed’ to create a new one.