This White Peach Trim Wedding Dress is full of details that all come together to create a very unusual dress.

spring wedding dress

It combines lots of favourite aspects of dresses brides usually fall in love with such as the strapless neckline, corset bodice that laces up the back tying in a bow, the full layered net skirt and also the pin tucked satin skirt over the top! It has it all but somehow manages it to pull it all together beautifully and doesn’t look over the top.

The peach trim is simply a peach ribbon used to lace up the back of the dress, it’s a great way to add a bit of colour to you’re gown and can be changed to match any colour scheme. It’s well suited to top heavy figures as the full skirt will balance your figure out and help you to appear more proportioned. The strapless neckline doesn’t provide much support so make sure if you have a large bust to wear well supportive underwear.