After all the thanking, applauding and meaningful words said in the other speeches the best man speeches are where the fun starts.  It has to be said that most people look forward to the best mans speech the most, he usually reminisces on the good times he and the groom had together.

Best Man Speech

Including some funny stories that usually embarrass the groom – but the rest of the guest find hilarious!

The best mans speech is all about getting the right balance of humour, stories, jokes and tradition with out offending anyone or being crude.

Being the best man and knowing the expectations you have to live up to through out the day, with not only the speech delivering, but also the long list of roles you are responsible for can be very stressful.

With everything you need to remember the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about the speech. Being prepared is one of the best things you can do, you will be relived on the day knowing you have planned and practiced your speech all that’s left to do then is share it.

For some help constructing a speech you may find it helpful following this step by step guide of things to include:

  • Start off by thanking the groom for asking you to be his best man and how much it means to you, if the brides maids don’t wish to give a few words then thank the bride on there behalf too
  • Share with the guests some funny stories about the groom remembering not to offend anyone, you may also want to say a few words about the bride, the grooms first impressions of her are usually cheeky but go down well
  • Finish off by letting them know what an amazing day it has been so far and toasting the newlyweds, wishing them happiness together
  • A great tip to assure yourself everything will be fine it’s a great idea to have some cue cards, in that case if you forget what you were going to say or the traditional order of thanking people it’s all there in front of you.