Veils come in a wide range of styles and whether you choose one, two, three or four tier plus there are both positives and negatives. Find out what style veil is right for you and will show off your wedding to dress without upstaging it!

Wedding Veil Styles

One Tier

One tier wedding veils look beautiful when combined with a complex updo, only having one tier means rather than having the tier draped over your face as you walk down the aisle it will instead cascade down your back more there for the decoration than anything else. If you wanted a veil but didn’t want to ruin your hair or weren’t into the idea of ever wearing it to cover your face then this is the perfect choice for you. Placing a one tier vale underneath an updo with height looks exquisite especially if you go for the cathedral or chapel length and will complete any a-line or fitting gown gorgeously.

Two Tier

Two tier veils are the most common seen at a wedding, they are very popular as you have the option to bring the top tier over your face if you like. If not then they still look fabulous left to fall down the back of the dress, the double layer gives it more movement and volume than a one tier veil. They look gorgeous combined with a ballerina or full skirted gown especially if you opt for one that ends above the skirt such as the shoulder or elbow length. Keep in mind that if you do want a veil that worn over your face you need to choose one of a significant length otherwise it may be too short once its brought forward over your hair, its not a good look so if you didn’t want a shorter length make sure to have a trail hair appointment and take your veil with you this way you can fix things before its too late.

Three Tier

The three tier veil isn’t as commonly seen as the others however it does look amazing especially if you have a simple figure hugging dress and want to add something extra to make it look unique and have a dramatic impact on guests. Three tier veils are full of volume and movement, they look very extravagant and fabulous combined with a large classis updo. Again like the two tier veils the top layer can be brought forward if you wish but it’s completely up to you. Three tier veils are often seen in the lengthier more statement veils such as the chapel or cathedral length however you can get shorter lengths in three tiers also. The shorter length three tier veils are perfect if you’re looking for maximum volume.