The length of your veil depends upon how subtle or grand you want to look. The longer veils look more dramatic however they can cover up detailing on your gown whilst shorter veils will show off your dress and are better suited to petite brides.

Wedding Veil Length

Blusher Wedding Veils

Blusher veils are the shortest veils available, they can be made to be worn over the face finishing where ever you wish from just above your cheek bones to below your neckline. They are usually made from stiffer material especially if worn over the face to keep there shape however they can also be worn as decoration and kept to the back of the head. They can be made very glamorous with diamantes or more traditional with a scalloped edge. Being shorter they look fabulous when worn with an intricate updo adding height to the head and placed either ever so slightly left or right off the centre of the head.

Shoulder Length Wedding Veils

Shoulder length veils are a traditional and practical choice in more than one way. Although there called shoulder length they typically fall a few inches below depending on where you choose to wear the veil, this is a very good choice length to wear if you’re not completely comfortable with showcasing your upper arms but don’t want to wear a wedding gown with sleeves either. Not only will it cover your arms delicately but it’s also not a length too long that will hide any detailing you have down the back of your dress. Shoulder length veils are available in a variety of tiers so it’s up to you what you decide.

Elbow Length Wedding Veils

If you’re a petite bride than elbow also known as fingertip length should be the longest length you consider, any veil longer and you will just end up appearing shorter than you already are. Again it can be made up in as many tiers as you wish so if you want volume and movement or light and delicate there both possible. If you have a figure fitting a-line or a slender column gown an elbow length veil will compliment it beautifully without looking over the top or taking away attention from the dress and more importantly you.

Waltz Wedding Veils

A waltz veil is also known as a ¾ veil as it’s typically made to fall between the knee and the ankle. Waltz veils are usually made up of two or three tiers, the top tier being worn over the face as you walk down the aisle. It’s the perfect length to sway softly and gently if made out of delicate silk or cotton without dragging along the floor. It’s not as common as some of the other veil lengths so if you want to choose something unique and unusual this could be the right length veil for you. It can be worn with all styles of dresses however beware if you have delicate detailing along the back of your gown not to cover it with a three tier veil instead stick to one or two tiers.

Chapel Wedding Veils

The chapel veil is also known as the full or sweep veil, its full length and falls beautifully right from your head to the floor. It’s a very elegant length that’s often seen at more traditional or formal weddings. Although you can wear your veil with as many tiers as you like a chapel veil is usually made up of three one finishing at the shoulders, the next one at the waist and the third at the floor. Its important when choosing a veil of this length you get it measured properly with your hair done as you intend to do it on the day and heels on the same height as your wedding shoes, this way it will be the correct length and perfect for you.

Cathedral Wedding Veils

Cathedral length veils became increasing popular after Princess Diana’s wedding where her veil measured over 7metres long. They are very grand and dramatic as they flow behind the bride and can be as long as you like. To carry off a cathedral length veil you need to first be tall otherwise you may look like the veil is wearing you and secondly have a big enough venue so your veil can follow behind you beautifully like its meant to and not be bunched up to fit in. Other than that they look gorgeous with any hair style and any wedding gown. For maximum impact and wow factor with a cathedral veil think about wearing it with a long train.

Mantilla Wedding Veils

Mantilla veils are almost like wearing a scarf, they are only one tier so you don’t have the option of covering your face however they are very beautiful. They are usually covered in embroidered lace or at least the edges are, this frames the face perfectly and is a great way of adding some traditional decoration to a plainer wedding gown.