The edging of the veil is simply how the edging is finished off, they can be left as they are known as a ‘cut’ edging or have diamantes or lace sewn around to compliment your dress and finish your veil off beautifully.

Wedding Veil Edging


Cut edging is as the name suggests, the fabric is simply cut and left at that. As long as the fabric wont fray it’s perfectly fine to leave a veils edge as it is and a lot of brides do prefer is this way especially if they have a lot of detailing on their wedding dress and don’t want to detract from it. You see cut edging in veils of all styles, lengths and cuts so the choice is complexly yours.


A pencil edge is the most popular way to edge a veil; it’s a very delicate fine bit of satin that is sewn around the edge of the veil. It finishes off a veil beautifully and is great if you want something pretty yet quite plain so you can still wear a tiara or some bold jewellery without looking over the top.


A pearl edge to a veil is a gorgeous look; they are very classy and work well when teamed with lace. They are also a great idea if you have a plain dress and want to add some pretty delicate detail. Pearl edges can be time consuming as each pearl has to be sewn by hand to the veils edge perfectly in a row so if you think it might be something you would want make sure to get your order in plenty of time in advance.


A cord edge is often made out of a satin cord, its thicker than a pencil edge however other than that it’s very similar. Veil edges are all available in a wide range of colours especially the cord or ribbon edges. It’s sometimes nice to pick out a colour from your gown if you have a dusky pink or a deep red embroidered on it somewhere and carry it through to the edge of your veil.


Ribbon edges are available in a wide range of widths usually starting at 2mm up to a wider 2cm. The wider widths can look really beautifully on longer veils be careful if you choose a wider width ribbon on a shorter veil especially if your putting it over your face as you don’t want it to cover you or any detail you may have around the neckline or your gown.

Scalloped Edge Veils

Scalloped edges are very fashionable at the moment making them a very popular choice for veils too. Scalloped edges are a lot more delicate than most and look very girly, they can be left plain or have additional beads/ribbon/pearls sewn on the edge also. What ever way you choose to finish a scalloped edge veil it will look gorgeous.