The cut of veil will determine how it hangs, how many tiers it’s able to have and whether it will fall straight or have gathers. The cut of a veil can dramatically change its look so make sure you have a look at some images and read what each how effect differs.

Wedding Veil Cuts


A standard cut veil is simply a rectangle of fabric where the corners have been rounded off. It can be folded to create a two tier veil or left as it is as a one tier, it can be gathered, pleated or left plain. With a standard cut you can keep it as simple or make it as extravagant as you like, the simple shape allows you to do what ever you like with it which is great plus the edges frame your face which is always good!


The cascade cut is also known as the angel cut, it’s a very popular choice as the edging falls delicately around the face framing it and cascading down into a gorgeous veil with movement that will sway softly as you walk down the aisle. Cascading veils are often made up of a few tiers adding to the delicate almost waterfall like look that sits beautifully with any hair style. It can be adapted to suit any wedding gown perfectly whether you have a simple empire line dress or an all singing all dancing full skirted dress covered in lace, crystals and the lot.


The circular cut veils are exactly how the name describes, a big circle! The netting, tulle or silk which ever material you have chosen is laid out and cut into a large circle (the bigger the circle, the longer the veil) then folded into. This semi circle makes up a gorgeous simple two tier veil that can be gathered or pleated. The edges on a circular cut veil are at the bottom rather than falling from your face, it’s a good choice if you’re wearing your hair down and that’s framing your face instead of the veil.


The drop cut veil is very similar to the circular cut, it’s made in exactly the same way except its not gathered or pleated to finish with. Instead it’s fixed to a comb as it is and falls very gently and delicately over the face (if you wish) and the back of the gown. Again the edges are at the bottom of the veil so it’s always a good idea unless you have some structured definition to your facial features leave at least some hair down around your face to frame it.


An oval cut veil is the shape used for a mantilla veil; it creates the perfect scarf shape that drapes beautifully over the shoulders and are unique qualities to the mantilla veil. An oval cut veil is only one tier so you don’t have the option of wearing it over your face however instead it frames it face gorgeously. Being a unique cut to the mantilla veil you will not see it very often at weddings so its perfect if you want something different that stands out.


A bubble cut veil works best when made out of net or tulle, (more structured fabric) it’s a gorgeous veil that has shape and volume. The structure in a bubble style veil is all down to the way its cut, its made so it’s full of volume at the top becoming flatter and smoother towards the end sitting against the back beautifully. It’s a fab option if you love big hair and have a big dress as it pulls them all together and will finish off your overall wedding look perfectly.