The lighting at your wedding reception can have a huge effect on how your overall decoration and atmosphere of the room is perceived. You can create a number of different moods at your wedding reception using different types of lighting for example; you can create a romantic or a fun, party like atmosphere, a frosty, winter feel, a light or even an airy and fresh outdoor impression along with many more.

Wedding Reception Lighting

To create a romantic atmosphere at your wedding you may wish to have the lights dimmed or perhaps use lots of fairy lights and candles instead of the harsh ceiling lights that come with most venues, pair this together with soft, romantic music for a classy, sophisticated wedding. To create an elegant, chic themed wedding reception you may want chandeliers and tall candle holders on each table a great way of combining something that is necessary such as the lighting itself and a way of decorating the room/tables for the ultimate wow factor.

If your wedding reception is outdoors then lighting is still very important at your wedding, especially as the night goes on and the sun sets. What ever lighting you choose will be complimented by the natural light from the stars creating a very peaceful, romantic atmosphere. Once way you could use lighting effectively outdoors would be to use lots of candles, these could be in a vase or bowl on each table (bowls are a great idea as they prevent the likeliness of the candles being knocked over and creating a fire hazard.) If you had a buffet table a long row of candles accompanied by flowers look fab and will create a romantic look and a peaceful atmosphere. If there are any trees or bushes within the surrounding area of your reception why not cover these with fairy lights, it’s an effortless way to add some glamorous, warm lighting and decoration to something that already exists at the venue, plus they look magnificent at outdoor wedding receptions.

One type of lighting that can be enjoyed by the bride and groom and/or all the guests would be to set free some paper lanterns. They are a temporary option but lots of fun and when lit and left to float into the night sky they look spectacular and will hopefully leave you and your guests in complete awe. If you have chosen to have a winter themed wedding then the lighting can accentuate your overall wedding reception decorations by using things such as crystal fibre lights as these give a cold, yet romantic atmosphere, they come in a variety of colours to suit any colour scheme/theme. If you are going for the winter wonderland wedding then perhaps using blue or white fairy lights or LED lights to create a cold, frosty atmosphere would work well.