Flowers are a huge part of your wedding and the decoration at your wedding reception. People use flowers to accentuate the bride and bridesmaid’s outfits, men wear them on their suits and they are also usually used in abundance to decorate the wedding ceremony but more so to decorate the wedding reception venue itself.

Wedding Reception Flowers

When choosing flowers to decorate your wedding reception it is important to check what flowers are in season at the time of your wedding. If there are certain flowers that you have your heart set on that are not in season then you can usually ship them in from other countries, however these will need to be ordered in advance and it can be extremely costly. Therefore if you have a tight budget or just want to go crazy with flower displays it is worth researching which flowers are in season when you’re getting married and narrowing down the selection of flowers available then choosing the ones that you prefer.

The flowers that you choose will amaze your guests and create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding reception. There are many different floral designs which can be created such as table decorations, centre pieces, floor standing arrangements, and bouquets, even arched shaped doorways can be created by flowers by wrapped them around trellises, these look gorgeous at pretty, country style outdoor weddings. To give your wedding reception a real ‘wow’ factor its always nice to have something a little different, perhaps this would be to choose a floor standing flower arrangement however you don’t always have to g over the top, sometimes its the more simpler of designs that add a lot of understated value to your wedding reception such as single stems placed as centre pieces.

How ever many of little flowers you want surrounding you at your wedding reception it is important that your flowers match your chosen theme or colour scheme. Flowers are possibly the most common form of decoration you will see at almost every single wedding; this is because you can so very easily tie together many different colours using flowers. One simple arrangement dotted here and there around the reception venue could finish everything off making sure all that the outfits of the bridesmaids, grooms men, of course the brides and groom themselves and all the other decorations at the wedding reception match and compliment each other.