The packages totally depend on the company you wish to photograph your wedding. It’s hard to say exactly how many images you will have, if they will be framed or not, the size of album and whether you get to keep the negatives as every company is individual. Some will offer everything included others will expect you to pay for everything on top of album.

wedding photography packages


Each package is different and there is usually something for everyone both image quantity and price wise just make sure you check everything thoroughly with them first so you know exactly what you’re getting.  Most photography companies will ask you what you want to achieve from your wedding photos whether it’s to frame a few images around your house and some to give to your parents and the new in laws with a modest album or as many photographs as possible documenting your whole day from the very start to the very end. They will then suggest the package that’s right for you before you start talking prices, if you don’t have an endless budget as most couples don’t to spend on photographs you may have to compromise.

Package prices can be very pricey some over £2000! But you have to remember they do include the professional photographer and when you’re paying that mount of money he/she should be there all day and all night taking exceptional quality photographs. Most also include editing the images and a lot now offer all the images on a disk too which is a great way to show your friends and family like a slide show of your day.

To give you an idea of prices here’s what you’re looking at in England for wedding photography packages that include an album (do take into account areas like London will be more expensive.)

For a standard 11″ by 15″ leather wedding album you shouldn’t be paying more than around £700. (Remember they all include a professional photographer)

If you wish to go a bigger or want a more personal finish then the popular leather cover it can end up cost you anything from around £900.

For the story book album and the journalistic style photography you will need to include more photographs to make it work properly obviously this means more money but if you start getting quoted over £1,500 you may want to try somewhere else as you can find it cheaper else where and still good quality.

For a special gift for your parents why not treat them to the parents’ album, they cost extra on top of your chosen album and photography package but they won’t break the bank at all. Starting from around a very modest (compared to the main album anyway) £100 it will be something they will be so proud of and keep forever.