Marquees are becoming an increasingly popular choice of venue when it comes to getting married and why shouldn’t they! You can personalise every aspect of them, decorate them to what ever colour or theme you like and better yet choose the exact spot you want to put your marquee up featuring a stunning backdrop, so lets look at some Wedding Marquee Ideas.

wedding marquee

Wedding Marquee Decorations

As marquees got more popular they also have got more luxurious and are now available with heating, modern flooring and romantic lighting so you can get married in style summer, spring, winter and autumn what ever the weather!

wedding marquee decorations


They are available for hire which is a great way to save money, you can opt for erecting the structure yourself or get a marquee hire company to put your marquee up. Another option if you have the money, space and a lot of special occasions coming up is to buy your own marquee, when you consider the costs of hiring a venue multiple times against one marquee that can be used multiple times its much more efficient.

Marquee Styles

garden marque

Marquees come in a wide range of shapes, designs and sizes, most commonly used for weddings is the traditional pole marquee. It’s pleasing to the eye from both inside and out but does require extra space surrounding it to secure it in the ground so you will need a piece of land bigger than the actual size of the marquee to accommodate one.

Marquee Frames

The other most poplar style is the frame marquee; it’s the best choice if you’re thinking about placing your marquee on a hard surface rather than in a field as no pegs are needed to secure it. Some people don’t think there as aesthetically pleasing as the draping, structure of the pole marquee but that’s down to personal opinion and on the plus side frame marquees are more practical.

small marquee

If you want to be a little more adventurous and unique go for an alternative tent style there are so many to choose from including Wigwams, Yurts, Stretch Tents, Tipis and Big Tops.