Wedding favours are given to the guests that attend your wedding to show your gratitude and appreciation for them attending and sharing your magical, special day with you. These are usually small gifts but there are a wide range of things you could use as your wedding favours, displaying them on the table in front of each person is a simple and easy way to add more décor without costing you any extra as most couples think of favours as a necessity anyway.

wedding favours

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If you are going to include them as a part of your decorations then you need to decide on how to decorate your wedding favours or display them. The tradition has been that your guests receive a small box or bag that hold 5 almonds. These almonds symbolise; health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life. If you do decide upon having a traditional wedding or wedding ceremony it can be a nice gesture to give your guests traditional wedding favours to keep the traditional theme continuous throughout your wedding. You can then decorate the boxes or bags for your wedding favour tying them with coloured ribbon that matches your colour scheme or even personalised ribbon. Each box may even contain a personalised message for each guest to really show your appreciation for each individual that has attended.

Ribbon, lace or trims are a great way to add a bit of decoration or sparkle to your wedding favours so that they compliment the rest of the table decorations, as favours are usually placed for everyone to see its important they tie in.