Cupcakes are becoming the new trend at weddings. Everybody seems to love having their own individual hand decorated mouthwatering mini cake, try them at your wedding and just watch them go down a treat!

wedding cupcakes

Who ever decided on giving out cupcakes at weddings is a genius! Chocolate, lemon, plain sponge even miniature fruit cakes – why not have them all for variety!  Cupcakes provide you with the versatility to offer lots of different flavors and colours at the same time.  What a fabulous way to provide each wedding guest with something they have selected themselves to enjoy and something they are sure to like the look and taste of.

Prices of Wedding Cupcakes

Bakeries can charge around £5 per cupcake which for an exquisitely decorated cake seems good value, but if you’re having a big wedding this can soon become extremely pricey. Cupcakes are a great way where you can save some money with some D.I.Y! If you’re confident to have a go at baking then invest in some pretty cake cases and bake your own with help from our wedding cupcake recipe.

Wedding Cupcake Pictures

See our fabulous pictures of wedding cupcakes decorated with everything you can think of from oozing with chocolate to covered in sweet fondant and intricately laced with icing, these cakes are designed to get that wow factor and make your mouth water.

Wedding Cupcake Recipes

A great way where you can save quite a bit of money will be to bake your own cupcakes If you are confident enough to have a go then investing in some pretty cake cases and have a few trial runs with our wedding cupcake recipe

Decorating Wedding Cupcakes

Decorating Wedding cupcakes can be made easy with some coloured butter cream and a piping bag, simple and imagine the satisfaction as they go down a treat with the wedding guests!

decorating wedding cupcakes