After setting the date and perhaps venue choosing colours is suddenly the next on you’re to do list! Never underestimate the importance of colours. Everything at weddings is usually colour co-ordinated and this starts from the flowers, to napkins and dresses to favours, it can be a lot to think about, but when everything comes together of the big day you will see it was defiantly worth it.


Colour pallets are usually made up of one main base colour and a small number accent colours. It’s up to you how many colours you choose but typically people choose to have a base colour with either one or two accent colours to compliment it. You may be the girl who knows exactly how her wedding will be and has been dreaming of it and picturing the dress and colours from being 12. You may have a favourite colour or even a specific colour may have special meanings to you. Or, you may be having your wedding on a specific date or season that will play a part in your chosen colour scheme.  Lots of people, things and trends may influence you will your wedding colours and there are other things to consider and if you have a totally open mind about colours we have lots of ideas to help you out. Colours also come in cool, warm and neutral pallets. Colours can be chosen to co-ordinate with the season your getting married in or to create a certain mood. Our colour guides provide you with the meaning of each individual colour along with what colours compliment them and what should be avoided. Take a look at our flowers section to find out what flowers are available in your chosen colours. You can also see their meanings and bouquet ideas for showcasing them!

White Weddings

white weddings

White is the color of purity & a mainstay of many weddings. It is the color of kindness, wholeness completion. White is purity, cleanliness, and innocence. Like black, white goes well with almost any color. In most Western countries white is the color for brides, some cultures viewed white as the color of royalty. Angels are typically depicted as wearing white and in early Westerns the good guy wore white while the bad guy wore black. Use white at weddings to signify cleanliness or purity or softness.

White Flowers Include:

Ammi, Arum, Gardenia, Gypsophila, Lily of the valley, Longiflorum lily, Narcissi, Oriental lily, Peace lily, Stephanotis

Shades of White include:

Amber shift, Anti-flash white, Cosmic latte, Cream white, Eggshell white, Ghost white, Isabelline white, Ivory white, Magnolia white, Off-white, Old lace white, Pearl white, Seashell white, Splashed white, Vanilla white

Blue Weddings

blue weddings Blue is a cool, calming colour. Its many shades send out feelings of calmness, tranquility, truthfulness, nobleness, and faithfulness. Blue is a colour that has so many shades you are bound to find one that you love. Blue is often the colour you symbolize with winners. In many cultures blue is the colour which brings peace and keeps bad spirits away.

Blue Flowers Include:

Agapanthus, Cornflowers, Delphinium, Campanula, Eryngium, Iris, Scabious, Hydrangea, Muscari, Veronica

Blue Shades Include:

Air Force blue, Alice blue, Azure, Baby blue, Bleu celeste, Bondi blue, Brandeis blue, Cambridge Blue, Carolina blue, Ceil, Cerulean, Cobalt blue, Columbia blue, Cornflower blue, Cyan, Deep sky blue, Denim Blue, Dodger blue, Duke blue, Egyptian blue, Electric blue, Eton blue, Federal blue, Glaucous, Iceberg blue, Indigo, Majorelle Blue, Maya Blue, Midnight blue, Navy blue, Oxford Blue, Palatinate blue, Periwinkle blue, Persian blue, Powder blue, Prussian blue, Royal blue, Sapphire blue, Smalt, St. Patrick’s blue, Steel blue, Teal, Tiffany Blue.

Pink Weddings

pink weddings

Pink is the universal colour of love and is a favorite at weddings for those who love beauty. Most people see pink as a feminine, delicate colour. Certain shades of pink are a softer colour than most and have a romantic and charming feel about them. Pinks are a fabulous colour to use at weddings as it promotes feelings or care, love, tenderness and acceptance.

Pink Flowers Include:

Azalea, Busy lizzie, Carnation, Hypoestes, Medinilla, Nerine, Stock, Sweet pea

Pink Shades Include:

Amaranth pink, baby pink, Carnation pink, Cerise pink, Coral pink, Fuchsia pink, Hot pink, Magenta, Mountbatten pink, Puce, Rose pink, Ruby pink, Salmon pink.

Green Weddings

green weddings

Green has been the colour of choice for many 15th century brides. The colour green represents harmony & growth. It symbolizes well being & balance as well as money. Green has some of the same calming attributes of blue. It is the national colour of Ireland and is strongly associated with the country. Green can be a very earthy colour and therefore reminiscent of spring, when paired with reds and gold’s it’s a Christmas colour.

Green Flowers Include:

Green Shades Include:

Army green, Asparagus Green, Bright green, British racing green, Camouflage green, Celadon Green, Chartreuse Green, Citrine Green, Cyan, Dartmouth green, Electric green, Emerald Green, Fern green, Glaucous, Harlequin Green, Honeydew Green, Hunter green, India green, Islamic green, Jade Green, Jungle green, Kelly green, Lime Green, Lincoln green, Midnight green, Moss green, MSU Green, Myrtle Green, Office green, Olive Green, Paris Green, Pear Green, Persian green, Phthalocyanine Green,Pigment green, Pine green, Rifle green, Sap green, Sea green, Shamrock green, Spring Green, Tea green, Teal, Turquoise GreenVerdigris, Vert, Viridian.

Yellow Weddings

yellow weddings

Yellow is a warm colour it’s associated with a bright yellow sun on a warm summer’s day and the yellow daffodils that signify when spring is here also signify love. Yellow is a colour of happiness and joy, yellow is a very cheerful colour. Different shades of yellow can create different moods, orange/ yellows will leave people alert and clear the mind whilst a bright sunny yellow will create a mood of happiness and symbolise creativity. In other cultures yellow represents courage and peace.

Yellow Flowers Include:

Sunflower, Solidago, Achillea, Daffodils, Oncidium Orchid, Begonia, Hibiscus

Yellow Shades Include:

Amber Yellow, Apricot Yellow, Arylide yellow, Aureolin, Buff Yellow, Chrome yellow, Citrine Yellow, Cream Yellow, Ecru, Flax Yellow, Fulvous, Gamboge, Gold Yellow, Goldenrod Yellow, Hansa yellow, Icterine, Isabelline Yellow, Jasmine Yellow, Jonquil, Khaki Yellow, Lemon chiffon, Lemon Yellow, Lime Yellow, Maize Yellow, Mikado yellow, Mustard Yellow, Naples yellow, Navajo white, Old gold, Saffron Yellow, School bus yellow, Selective yellow, Straw Yellow, Tawny Yellow, Titanium yellow, Urobilin, Vanilla Yellow.

Red Weddings

red weddings As a warm colour, red is about the hottest it gets. Red represents passion, love and power. The colour red provides an attention grabbing effect; use it to set a confident, passionate mood to your wedding. The warm colour red has many meanings, red is reminiscent of cupid the god of love but also the devil, a powerful evil enemy of god. In some cultures, red is the colour of purity, joy, and celebration. In china red is the color of happiness and is said to believe good luck.

Red Flowers Include:

Amaryllis, Anthurium, Bromeliads, Celosia, Geranium, Kalanchoe, Poinsettia, Rose

Red Shades Include:

Alizarin crimson Red,Amaranth Red, Burgundy Red, Burnt sienna, Candy apple Red, Cardinal Red, Carmine Red, Carnelian Red, Cerise Red, Chestnut Red, Coquelicot, Coral Red, Crimson, Falu red, Fire engine red, Flame Red, Fuchsia Red, Fulvous, Gules, Lava Red, Magenta, Maroon Red, Mauve, Persian red, Persimmon Red, Puce, Raspberry Red, Red-violet, Redwood Red, Rose Red, Rosso corsa, Ruby Red, Ruddy, Rufous, Rust Red, Sangria Red, Scarlet Red, Sinopia, Terracotta, Tuscan red, Upsdell red, Venetian red, Vermilion, Wine Red.

Orange Weddings

orange weddings

The meaning of orange is vitality & endurance, people who like orange are said to be thoughtful & sincere. As red is associated with fiery heat, orange is associated with the warmth of the sun, orange has a bit less intensity or aggression than red, calmed by the cheerfulness of yellow. It is a dynamic color which brings with characteristics of curiosity & wanting to try new things.

Orange Flowers Include:

Orange Shades Include:

Amber Orange, Apricot Orange, Champagne Orange, Coral Orange, Dark salmon, Flame Orange, Gamboge, Gold Orange, Mahogany Orange, Peach Orange, Persian orange, Persimmon Orange, Portland Orange, Pumpkin Orange, Rust Orange, Safety orange, Salmon Orange, Sunset Orange, Tangerine Orange, Tenné, Tomato Orange, Vermilion.

Purple Weddings

purple weddings Purple is a royal and mysterious colour it brings a sense of elegance and sophistication to weddings. A mix of cool blue and warm red purple can be either a warm or cool colour. A little purple can boost imaginations and creativity but too much can be overpowering and result in moodiness.

Purple Flowers Include:

African violet, Allium, Anemone, Liatris, Lisianthus, Orchid, Phalaenopsis, Streptocarpus

Purple Shades Include:

Amethyst purple, Byzantium purple, Cerise purple, Eggplant purple, Heliotrope purple, Lavender blush, Lavender purple, Lilac purple, Mauve, Palatinate purple, Periwinkle purple, Plum purple, Regalia purple, Rose purple, Sangria purple, Thistle purple, Violet purple, Wisteria purple