Both traditional church and registry office weddings usually follow the same rules of etiquette when it comes to bride, groom and family to the wedding.

However…Rules don’t have to be set in stone and it can be the brides and grooms choices as to who is to travel with who on the wedding day. Or the travel arrangements may be just made around practicality and budget.

wedding carraige

One of the main factors to consider is the size of the bridal party and how many seats and people the cars will hold.

Usually at least three wedding cars will be needed for the average sized wedding, but it is possible for modern wedding cars to make two or even three journeys to the church or registry office.

General Travel Guide:

  • The Bride travels with whoever is giving her away
  • The Bridesmaids travel with Mother of Bride.
  • The Groom usually travels the Best Man and Ushers!

Who Travels with Who in Wedding Cars

honeymoonOne wedding car will be for the groom his best man and sometimes the ushers go in this car too. The grooms car will be the first to leave from the groom’s house allowing ushers to assist with guest, seating arrangements etc.

The second wedding car will usually be for the mother of the bride, plus all the bridesmaids and flowers girls. The bridesmaids and mother of the bride should all gather at the brides house at least half an hour before they are due to be picked up. When the first car arrives this will then take them to the ceremony, this should give plenty of time to ensure they are ready for the brides arrival and so they can have memorable “just arrived” photographs and assist the bride down the aisle.

The next car will transport the bride and her father only. If the bride’s father is unavailable then the person travelling with the bride should be the person “giving the bride away” this may be another male member of the family or guardian which can take this place.  The brides should sit on the side that the driver plans for her to exit the car, the chauffeur should let the brides father out first, then the bride.

After the Wedding Ceremonyluxury

After the ceremony and photographs the newlyweds will drive together in the first wedding car to the reception where they will greet their guests as they arrive.

Arrangements should be made in advance for who will travel in the other wedding cars, take into consideration parents, family members, grandparents and children. Other wedding guests will make their own arrangements to get to the reception unless you are providing group transport like a coach or wedding bus.

Wedding Transport Plans

wedding-mapIt is wise to organise the travel arrangements in advance by writing a few plans of who will travel with who, make sure the wedding party know about the travel arrangements and give out maps, taxi cab numbers and parking arrangements with the wedding invitations if needed.