Wedding calendars are a common, if not compulsory gift for the bride and groom/ close family to be reminded of your special day as often as possible.

bridal calendar


There are some great companies out there that will do this for you at a small price, but I think when you make your own calendar it’s more special, can result in a better quality print and you don’t need to be a Photoshop designer to make one! Of course if you make your own, you can make it exactly how you want it and you can print out as much as you need.. Providing you have enough printer ink! Like any good calendar, you need some good pictures. So go through all of your wedding photos picking out a good mix of friends, family, children and of course.. you! Just using pictures of you and your groom would be selfish to give to everyone, because remember everyone had a great day and want to be reminded not just you.

Of course the most important picture is the one on the front, now depending on whom your aiming this calendar at should decide what goes here. A group picture usually goes great on the front cover which is modest and reminds people who were a part. Or if the calendar is for a select few only (such as your parents), then you may want to use a picture of just the bride and groom. For sizing we recommend using A4 for compatibility with your standard printer, also just the right size for a detailed picture and a nice message. The orientation of the page should be landscape, we don’t want people mistaking this for a book. And the paper used should be on the thick side, not too thick so it’s hard to flick through and not so thin it feels cheap.

There’s a happy medium to make your calendar feel quality yet elegant, we recommend a slightly glossy HP paper at the right thickness so do choose wisely or you could ruin your calendar before you’ve even made it! In terms of colour quality we recommend a good HP ink such as the HP 940XL, this cartridge will only fit in one of HP’s OfficeJet printers (which is a very common printer) so double check it will fit yours beforehand. One more good tip is to run a couple of test prints before you print out a large number, it’s always a pain to print 100 pages and then find out there’s a typo in December, so double check everything. So there it is.. Everything you need to know about printing your own calendar, enjoy!