Wedding cakes traditionally are made up of three tiers of fruit cake iced and decorated to fit in with the colour scheme and theme of the wedding.

However if your wedding is small e.g. around 30 people attending then a two tier wedding cake would be large enough as you don’t want to have lots of left over cake.

wedding cake tiers

On the other hand if you’re having a significant number of guests e.g. over 100 people a four tiered cake may be needed.

Remember traditionally the top tier of the cake isn’t cut and saved for the bride and grooms first wedding anniversary or the Christening of their first child so you may need to include an extra tier for that if you wish.

3 wedding cake tiers

The wedding cake tiers can be completely split by using pillows and separate cake stands or one tier placed on another in a stacked fashion.

Wedding Cupcake Towers

wedding cupcake towers

Cupcakes are a big thing at the moment where brides are choosing to decorate an extravagant cake stand with an abundance of wedding cupcakes, each cake is hand decorated to match the theme of the wedding.

Just about anything goes from towers of profiteroles and chocolate truffles to coloured macaroons and towers of carefully presented fruit.  Where ever your imagination takes you there is bound to be a cake maker out there to make your wedding dream come true.

To display the cupcakes you could use the traditional cake stand layering cakes around each plate, or you could even use something like silk or organza fabric draped over a table with small platforms. Use things like flowers, petals, beads and ribbon for additional decoration.