Tussy mussy’s are small hand held wedding vases to carry the bridal bouquet in. These beautiful and unique vases first appeared in France with each tussy mussy having a unique design. Today the tussy mussy vase can be made from silver, gold, pewter, brass, glass and even crystal.

tussy mussy

To add your own touch to your tussy mussy’s why not tie ribbon and lace around the stem or even use them as elegant centrepieces at your reception.

hydrangea tussy mussy bouquet

The tussy mussy is a more unusual wedding bouquet type, if you are lucky enough to buy one as a keepsake you could be passing it down for “something borrowed” one day!

brooch bouquet tussy mussy

If you decide to have silk or artificial wedding flowers then the tussy mussy can keep it all in place and preserved for a lifetime

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