This Turquoise Wedding Dress is a very unique wedding dress full of extravagant details and many amazing colours.

Turquoise Wedding Dress

It’s very different from you’re average white a-line wedding gown with many some gorgeous designs on it in a beautiful pallet of blues and purples, you would defiantly be the centre of attention all day in a gown like this.

The shades of blue on this gown make it well suited to ultra light blondes or rich brunettes, if you have red hair the amount of blues and pinkie purples could create a big clash so its best to stay away from this gown. It has a halter neckline which looks fabulous if you have slender toned upper arms, there not seen very often on wedding dresses as they can be quite hard to wear however as well as showing off slim arms they can also make petite ladies look taller.