Tropical flowers make beautiful bridal bouquets, you will find that the exotic flower can be arranged in the simplest style, yet still have the wow factor.


Vibrant or fresh natural colours can be arranged and put together from a combination of flowers, foliage and sometimes even fruit to produce the perfect exotic bridal bouquets for the location or beach wedding.

beach bouquet

The selection of wedding bouquet pictures below show examples of tropical and exotic bouquet colours as well as various design types from hand tied bouquets to cascading bouquets to flower baskets and flower hoops.

Fan Wedding Bouquets

lilly wedding bouquet

Ideal flowers for the tropical wedding will be Bougainvillea, Birds of Paradise, Anthuriums, Orchids, Amaryllis, Roses, Hibiscus and Lilie.

Daisy Bridal Bouquet

Things to consider if choosing a tropical bouquet

  • The location of you wedding – A tropical bouquet will of course work perfect with a beach wedding and an exotic location, it can still however brighten up and bring some wow factor to your local based wedding too.
  • Theme of your wedding – Opt for a full tropical themed wedding and to create thoughts of the Caribbean, Jamaica and hot sunny paradise! Carry the tropical theme throughout your wedding with exotic flowers for buttonholes, leis the Hawaiian floral necklaces, exotic table decorations and some soft Hawaiian music or steel drums for your evening or background music.

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