Traditionally the groom will do his wedding speech second on behalf of him and his bride, groom speeches consist of mainly thanking family members and friends who have all joined together to celebrate there wedding and a special thanks to anyone who has helped out especially the parents both his and his bride.

Traditional Bridegroom Speeches

Besides the thanks, the compliments to your new wife are a must to remember tell her how gorgeous she looks and how lucky you are to be standing there beside her.

You may be a bit nervous about delivering your speech in front of the whole wedding but don’t let it put a downer on your big day, after all by this time you have got through the ceremony and your bride did turn up (hopefully) so just relax and have fun.

If public speaking is something you really dislike then remember you are surrounded with friends, no one is judging you and keep it short.

You never know you might love it up there once you get going, all the guests smiling back at you happy for you and end up rambling on.

Here’s a list of the important parts to remember when constructing your bridegroom speech, the rest is up to you:

  • Once you have every one’s attention make sure to let everyone know this speech is either from you or more commonly both you and your bride, a great way to do this is simple to say ‘my wife and I…’
  • Thank everybody that has been able to join you on your special day and give a special thanks to anyone who has travelled from further a field to be with you
  • A thanks to the father of the bride for his speech and raising such an amazing daughter leading on to thanking both sets of parents for helping you and supporting you on your big day is always nice
  • Compliment your wife as affectionately as you like and thank her for marrying you
  • Thank your best man for all his support and being there for you
  • Thank the bridesmaids for being there for your wife and complimenting them on how lovely they all look will go down well after all they are all family and best friends to your other half
  • Finally finish your speech with a toast and giving of gifts to both yours and your brides parents

It is very common now for the bride to say a few words herself after the groom has finished his speech thanking everyone her self however if she doesn’t want to or just wants to keep things traditionally then make sure you mention when thanking and giving gifts they are also on your wife’s behalf.