The wedding cake is a much awaited part of the wedding reception and a perfect opportunity where the bride and groom will be photographed as they cut the first slice out of the wedding cake.  The wedding cake can either be placed on a decorated table in the reception venue or brought out after the guests have arrived.

cutting wedding cake

The cake is usually situated where all the guests of the wedding can see it most like in front of the top table – providing it’s not a six plus tier cake that will obstruct the view of the bridal party!

Wedding Cake Etiquette

Traditionally the wedding cake is ready to be cut after the speeches or later on in the evening, if you prefer. There should be an announcement so everybody has the chance to see the cutting and take pictures. Some bridal couples may choose to have a wedding cake songs to be played as they have photographs taken, cut the cake and guests can walk around to take a good look at the cake before it will be sliced up.

When the cake is cut the groom should place his right hand over the bride’s right hand and then they cut the cake together.  After the first slice is cut the groom should feed it to the bride and then she should do the same. After the cutting of the cake it’s up to the bride and groom whether they want to serve the cake to their guests at the time or whether it gets taken away and wrapped for the guests to take home in cake boxes and enjoy at home.

Cake boxes may or may not be provided by the baker so it is a good idea to check at the time of ordering.