For some people speeches are easily done, put together fast and carried out like a true professional. For others they can take weeks of worry, planning and research. To help with a little planning we have put together 5 top tips to help with your speech plans.

Perfect Wedding Speeches

1. Don’t try and do it all at once break the speech up into sections when you’re constructing it. It’s much simpler then trying to say everything all at once or forgetting important parts, a good idea is to use the traditional plans on the speech pages. If you want to go for something totally unique then bullet point ideas before expanding them, you can rearrange them until they flow perfectly later on.

2 Be prepared make sure you know exactly what you’re going to say at least a couple of weeks before the wedding. This gives you time to practice, make any adjustments before it’s too last minute and make a few copies of it keeping your mind at rest that you will know what you’re going to say on the big day.

3 Practice makes perfect by practicing I don’t mean rereading the speech over and you’re in your head I mean practice properly. Reading the speech aloud to small groups of people perhaps your friends or family (that won’t be at the wedding) will allow them to give you feedback and get you used to public speaking. If you don’t have anyone to read to why not record yourself and play it back? That way you will get a sense of how others will hear it and should feel much more confident about it.

4 Have a plan and stick with it with everything that’s going on on the day it’s important the people giving the speeches know when it’s time. Usually each ceremony has a master referred to as the MC (master of the ceremony) he will get every one’s attention ready for the speeches however if you don’t have one it’s up to the best man. Traditionally the speeches take place after the meal, make sure the clearing up has been done and the majority of people are seating before starting. You want every one’s undivided attention this means no distractions.

5 Keep it short there is nothing worse than everybody staring at you sleepily whilst you’re giving a speech just wishing for it to be over. Speeches generally last 5 to 10 minuets at the longest but even that is seen as long unless you have some entertaining story that’s to the point and to every one’s taste in there. If you have a joke you wish to tell don’t laugh at it yourself and keep it short that way if no one finds it amusing you can just carry one. Everyone will want you to be fine and do well they all know how hard it can be to speak in front of an audience, you will probably get a few laughs out of good will even if they don’t find it funny. Just keep in mind short, simple and to the point!