If you go against the idea of hiring a professional to take the photos that will be treasured for a life time of your special day then here are some Tips for DIY Wedding Photography for friends who have agreed to step in is always a good idea.

black and white wedding photography

5 tips to achieve some great ‘do it yourself’ wedding photography

1 Don’t take all the shots from the same distance, shots of the bride and groom, cake or guests etc will all be very boring if you stand 3 metres away and line them up in the centre of the image. Close ups can be very effective especially of small details such as the two rings together, the bouquet and the dress. Don’t worry if you can’t get as close up as you want to though there is always the zoom option when editing.

2 Take multiple shots especially when its involving a large group of people, spontaneous natural pictures aren’t as bad but when you have every one standing posing its almost impossible they will all be smiling with eyes on you and not blinking at the same time. Take a few images quickly at every photo opportunity will give you more selection to choose from when it comes to developing making sure you get the best possible.

3 Get to know your camera! Getting to know you’re camera will really help on the big day, simple settings such as the flash on or off will really make a difference depending on the brightness of the surrounding your in. there is nothing worse then looking back at you’re photos and seeing a bright reflective glare in the centre of your image when simply turning your flash off could have avoided it.

4 Researching popular wedding shots such as the typical bride and groom walking out of the church as newly weds, signing the book and all the guests with the newlyweds outside (hopefully if the weathers dry.) You’re bride and groom may not wish to have all the traditional photos but if they do you don’t want to miss any shots out, make sure you research what works best and discuss what they want before hand.

5 Practice, practice, practice is your final step to getting ready to take some amazing photographs that will be cherished forever. It doesn’t matter what you practice on just as long as you vary a few things that you won’t be able to control on the day to make sure you can handle then perfectly. Weather is a big one taking images indoors and outdoors in different weather conditions and lighting will help a lot.

If after reading these tips you still don’t feel confident enough to be the photographer at some ones special big day then maybe you should pass the job on to someone else. If worst comes to worst and there isn’t somebody else willing or you simply don’t want to let the bride and groom down don’t panic about it, there are lots of books available on how to be a fab photographer!