Once you have a chosen them or colour scheme for your wedding reception you should then sit down with your fiancée and arrange the seating plan for your wedding reception. As you are both likely to know your own family better than the other it is useful to plan the seating plan together as this will then prevent any disagreements on the day from friends or family members who might not get on very well.

table decorations

The next step would then be to design or shop for place cards that are coordinate with you’re chosen theme or colour scheme. This sounds a lot easier than it actually because there is such as wide range of different, inventive and unique place cards available!

For example you may opt for a place card that clips onto a glass with your guests names on them or they may be attached to favours that each guest has in there seat or you may prefer them in some sort of place card holder that links to the them of your wedding such as a place card being clipped into a crystal for an icy winter themed wedding.

You may instead wish to choose a traditional and classy place card that simply states your guest’s names and a note to say thank you for attending. As you can see it may be beneficial to research different types of place cards so that you can find the perfect one for your wedding reception.

Not only are place cards very useful and avoid a lot of mix up on the day they are an easy way to add some elegant décor to your tables. Place cards don’t always have to have guests names written on them, you may wish to consider table numbers or the names of your favourite flowers/songs/celebrities in the centre of tables, anything so that guests can easily find their seats but also look great.

Another thing to consider when decorating your table at your wedding reception is whether you want to scatter the tables with confetti. It can make a huge difference to the table and adds that little extra ‘wow’ factor. Table confetti doesn’t have to look cheap and tacky and can create a number of different effects depending on what confetti you use. For example soft ivory pearls or gold hearts will create quite a romantic, classy look whilst on the other hand you may wish to create a fun, stylish or contemporary by using confetti in the silhouettes of top hats, bridal gown, doves and horse shoes (things all associated with weddings.)

Table confetti can also be used for adding an extra personal touch to wedding invites or thank you cards, it can also look great when the lights are dimmed and it’s scattered on the dance floor. If you’re not into the idea of using confetti there are numerous options instead that you may wish to decorate your tables with such as scattering rose petals over them. Rose petals are known for being associated with romance and being in love but they can also look very glamorous, especially when stuffed inside a champagne glass and placed as decoration in front of each guests seat. Using feathers can also create the same affect, these can also be bought in hundreds of different colours so they are bound to match your colour scheme perfectly.

One table decoration that is fun and enjoyable is sweets and candy. You can buy candy to match your colour scheme and either scatter it amongst the tables or fill bowls or glasses with them. An added bonus is that it keeps any children at the wedding happy.

Another thing to then consider is balloons and balloon weights. There are some amazing designs that people can create with balloons that look great such as an arch doorways. You can even personalise balloons and use them an alternative to a place card or table number. Its not jus the balloons themselves that are able to add colour and fun to your reception room, the weights themselves these days can be found in so many amazing styles these also add some interest to the tables on their own.

Napkin rings will add a touch of glamour and class to a table, they are perfect if your having an elegant sit down meal being both practical and decorative. They come in a array of different styles to suit the theme of any wedding and can be made from a number of different materials such as diamantes, flowers, ribbon etc.

Speaking of ribbon it is a very small item that really goes a long way when it comes to decorating the tables at your wedding reception. They look great when wrapped around wedding favours or tied in a bow behind each seat; you can even buy personalized ribbon and create things such as luggage tags if guests are staying over night.

One great accessory to have on the tables of your wedding is a disposable camera, whilst you receive your professional photographs of your special day the fun and special moments that happen later on in the night at the wedding reception can sometimes be missed, therefore this is a great way for each moment to be captured. It’s also great to look back on these fun more natural photos with family and friends.

One thing that people find difficult when choosing their table decorations is the centre piece for each table. If you are one of these people and you believe that the centre piece on your tables is one of the most important parts of the decorations then you should choose this first and decorate the rest of your table to suit this.

One way to do this is to use the same flowers from your wedding as part of the centre piece or decoration on the table, this will also help the colour scheme or theme to be continuous throughout all your decorations at your wedding reception. You can now buy some extremely unique centre pieces however some are also very simple and elegant so again it depends on the theme of your wedding and your personal taste. Your centre piece could simply be a bouquet of flowers or it could even be a candle or your table numbers. These can then be decorated to be as outrageous or kept as simple as you like.

One centre piece that has been extremely popular recently is a tall glass or round glass fish bowls; these can be filled with anything from decorative stones and water with floating flowers that match the bridal parties bouquets. Or if you want to be really outrageous then what about fish themselves?! Fish come in all shapes and sizes and will adds a little element of fun to the table especially for children but also its very unique and interesting, just take into consideration what you would do with them afterwards. If you have a lot of children attending the wedding or families with children it’s a nice idea to ask if they would like to take them home as a gift and reminder of the wedding.

Another more practical idea for a centre piece is to use treats or desserts. For example each table could have a chocolate fountain as the centrepiece or even a cupcake stand full of cupcakes decorated specifically to match them or colour scheme of your wedding reception, these centre pieces tend to go down great later on in the night when people start feeling peckish again.

Listed above are some of the most popular ideas at the moment but it is definitely worth investing your time in researching different centre pieces so that you can find the perfect one for your wedding reception as there are so many to choose from.