Warm weather, big bright flowers and fresh food summer is the most popular season of the four to get married. With summer being one of the most colourful seasons there are so many you are going to have a hard job choosing just one or two beautiful colours.

Summer colour themes

If you want to cool down summer time then pick cool tones to create a refreshing summer weddings.

If the heat is the reason you’re getting married in the summer then compliment it with bright and dramatic colours. Stay away from colours that are too dark like navy, black and dark green.

Summer Wedding Colour Combinations

Perfect colours for a cheerful yet elegant summertime wedding are balmy mid-purples, rich peaches, ice whites, baby yellows and pale blues. If you want a bright summer wedding think hot pinks, lime greens, sunshine yellows, turquoise, teal, coral and vibrant reds.

Hot pink and lime green create a modern, fun and bright wedding colour combination. Bright pink Gerberas are the perfect flower for summer bouquets. Dahlia flowers come in unusual patterns; they can be found in both hot pink and green and make outstanding centre pieces. For bridesmaids why not have neutral dresses with lime green sashes and put flower girls in hot pink?

Teal and white make a refreshing summer wedding. Teal brings the freshness of blue but also the warmth of sea green while white ads purity along with makes the colour combination elegant and sophisticated. Stephanotis are a stunning pure white flower that are very popular with brides keep the bouquet simple by adding just a touch of teal with decorative teal pearls or beads. Too add some colour to tables place teal favours in guest’s places and teal confetti on tables.

summer wedding ideas

Red, orange and yellow create the perfect warm, sunshine combination brilliant for summer. Sunflowers are striking bright yellow summer flowers. If you wish to involve all three colours into your wedding flower display then peony’s large, bright and aromatic flowers come in many shades or red, yellow and orange making up a beautiful bright summery bouquet. Remember to carry your colours through everything in the day from menus to dresses and invites.