There are three main styles of wedding photography, traditional, photojournalistic and contemporary; however you don’t have to choose just one. It’s very common for a couple to like ideas and aspects from a couple or all the style of photography available, this is where you would mix and match.

precious red photography dancing

Photograph by Precious Red Photography

You may find it hard to decide upon a style as the three basic styles of photography can all seem very similar. Its important when picking a style that not only do you read about what each involves but you view some images from either your hired photographer or online of previous weddings in all the variations of styles. This will give you a much better idea as to which suits you and which one is the style you really want.

If none of the popular wedding styles are for you then you can find unique photographers out there who will offer off the wall styles in photography however today were going to look at the main three simple and effective styles most couples love!

Traditional Wedding Photography

The traditional style of wedding photography is exactly what you would expect to see at a wedding. Some people think of it as being dated and unimaginative but it is the best style of photography to get those classic shots of all the guests together outside the church and even more importantly the bride and groom as newly weds leaving the church and with their close family etc. The traditional style will always create a wedding album to be proud of and show off to the family, in the majority of the shots everyone will be stood in there place smiling directly at the camera although it does give you those perfect pictures reminding you of how happy everyone was on your big day. Plus not forgetting it is the traditional style! It’s stood the test of time and everyone knows it works hence why it’s still an option today.

Photo Journalistic Wedding Photography

wedding day pixies in the cellar

Photograph by Pixies in the Cellar

Photo journalistic is becoming more and more popular, it’s very fashionable at the moment with a lot of young couples choosing this as their chosen style of wedding photography. It a fabulous way of documenting your whole day as the photographer usually (if you wish) will arrive at the brides house or where every she is getting ready and start snapping from the minuet she starts getting her hair and make-up done. The idea with this style is to capture all the significant parts of your day and everything in-between, you may not hear much from your photographer giving orders for poses but you will defiantly hear him clicking away. Make sure if you choose this style you get an experienced photographer who is used to documenting wedding in this way or you may not end up with the story book images you hoped for. It’s also a good idea to ask for some planned shots of the happy couple to just so you have a few posed photos, these will be the ones to display and give to the parents of the newlyweds.

Contemporary Wedding Photography

The contemporary style is where the photographer is able to show off his or hers artistic skills, making you look amazing and in some cases fit to star in a magazine! To get contemporary photography just right you need beautiful surroundings and the right lighting however don’t worry, if the photographer is a professional he should be able to work with what he’s got in front on him and make you both look gorgeous even if it is a rainy gloomy day. The problem with these shots is you may end up spending a lot of time away from the guests getting your almost photo shoot session just right, also being a new modern way to have your wedding photos took you never know how long it will stand the test of time. The problem with picking a modern fashionable style is it may be outdated sooner rather later as with all fashions that eventually come to an end leaving you with some out of date wedding photographs.