A stag party also known across the globe as stag night, stag do, bachelor party, bull’s party, buck’s party or buck’s night is a celebration party held for the groom before he gets married.  Historically this is a planned party night made by the best man for the groom, best man and friends to make the most of the grooms final days as a single man before getting married.

stag party ideas

Stag parties can range from a night out with the lads for drinking and fun, a themed event like going to a casino, paint balling, carting etc or something more far afield such as a weekend away to Amsterdam.

Some Stag do’s will join up with the hen night girls for couples to go home together at the end of the night.

Stag Party Games

poker night

It is quite common for bachelor parties to include stag party accessories and games, craziness and pranks, whether this will be mild to wild drinking games or dares and tasks.

Look out for the games which include drinking penalties, as these could end in a rather short night. If you are looking for some inspiration then you could opt for a poker night at a Casino, this can be a great night for dressing up and playing a being a true 007. You may just want to read up on how to play some great card games.. or just play the old fav of top trumps!!

Many a stag has been left stripped naked, chained to railings or deliberately sent home on the wrong train by his prankster friends so beware!

So very thoughtful of when the stag night will be.

Stag Events


If you are looking for an event to mark your stag party then there is an abundance of choice here, the ranges can be from the extreme sports to something of a more relaxation event.

Paint-balling is one of the popular events and can usually be found widely areas across the UK. If you are into the “full war theme” you may want to look at paint balling in tanks!

Go Karting, quad bikes and 4×4 off road driving are always a popular event, reasonably affordable and a complete treat for the lads too.

If you like the idea of getting out with the elements or wet, then white water rafting, canyoning or abseiling may be your thing. Or if you are a music lover you may want to look out for Glastonbury Festival or make your own music at a recording studio,

Whatever you choose make sure all your friends can take part, non-swimmers will not thank you for a white water rafting experience!

Stag Party Ideas for Weekends

Stag weekends can be for the serious party guys and popular destinations are Amsterdam, Newcastle, Brighton, Dublin, Budapest and Hamburg. If you are interested in the European beers or that party theme then your stag party could co-inside with a beer festival or carnival. If you like to have some sight seeing checkout the video below of the popular beer bike in Amsterdam.

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Stag Do Safety Tips

Both stag do’s and hen parties shouldn’t start your stag night on an empty stomach. Have a carb-rich meal that fills the stomach. Food slows down alcohol getting into your bloodstream, will help to soak up the alcohol and the nutrients in your system will help with the hangover.

Trying to keep up with the drinking crowd could result in disaster and you leaving the party early. Remember people have different drinking speeds and also different tolerances to alcohol.

If you are on a stag do abroad some continental beers can contain more alcohol content. Spirits may also be stronger and poured without the standard measure, leaving you unaware of how much you have had. If possible try to have the longer mixer type drinks – the lighter spirits like vodka as the dark based spirits usually result in heavier hangovers.

Keep hydrated, alcohol is a diuretic, which means it causes you to pass a lot more water than you normally would, you can avoid dehydration by drinking water or soft drinks in-between alcoholic drinks.

Do not walk home alone, both men and women are far more likely to get attacked when alone and drunk. It is best to pre arrange lifts or make sure you have enough money and more than one taxi number for the cab home. Never get into unlicensed minicabs.  Stag party T shirts can be a good idea as if anybody strays from the stag crowd they can be spotted easier.

Finally a large glass of water before going to bed and keep a full glass by the bed if you wake thirsty.

The Morning After

morning afterIf you are feeling a little tender with a hangover the morning after then the ‘hair of the dog’ isn’t a good idea! Take aspirin, paracetamol or Alka-Seltzer and rehydrate by drinking lots of water or fruit juice with vitamin C, avoid caffeinated drinks like tea or coffee as these could dehydrate the body further. Toast is usually the best things to eat and if you feel up to it get some fresh air.

Have a great stag do, let your hair down, enjoy yourself. keep your self and friends safe and try to have some memories which you can remember after.