It can be hard to create a Short Updo Wedding Hairstyle with short hair however this one is simple to style and has a very pretty and youthful look to it. The blonde gives a romantic look whilst the same style in a brunette shade would have a sexier feel to it.

Short Updo Wedding Hairstyle

The height created on top of the head makes it a beautiful style for round face shapes whilst the softening curls would defiantly compliment a square face. This girly updo is perfect when paired with a sexy fish tail adding a bit of glamour or the a-line dress that suits all figures creating a classy feel.

Creating this look couldn’t be simpler! Start off by curling all the hair with some curling tongs or straighteners spraying each section with hair spray to give a smooth shiny curl that lasts. Start to pull the curls back starting with those around the front of the face, pin them back with grips to secure them. Go all the way round the head doing this until your left with a gathering of curls in the centre of the head.

Flowers could be added for decoration every so often in the curls if you wish to continue with the romantic theme other than that though it’s finished!