With so many diverse options available, today’s bride has never before had so many choices to make her wedding individual and unique.

Wedding cakes Stuart Thornley

Wedding cakes from Stuart Thornely Cake Design

It now goes beyond the individuality of the dress, with room decoration, and now even food, helping to create fantastic focal pieces and talking points amongst guests.

Stuart Thornley Cake Design, based in Dukinfield, Cheshire, has embraced this with a whole range of novelty bakes. Whilst the traditional tiered wedding cake and cupcakes are still catered for, in a quest to create something different Stuart Thornley has come up with cakes that mess with your mind.

wedding buffet food by Stuart Thornley

Cadbury Crème Egg cake pop from Stuart Thornely Cake Design

It all started with a challenge from a client to make a Cadbury Crème Egg cake pop. After many trials it just wasn’t working (it would just fall off the stick!). It was after one of these failed attempts that Stuart looked at the cake covered Crème Egg and thought ‘with a biscuit crumb that would look just like a scotch egg’. The cake Scotch egg was born.

The creation, a crème egg surrounded by chocolate fudge cake and caramelised biscuit, was hugely popular with customers and led to the development of similar themed cakes. The cake pork pie was based around a bakewell tart, with almond cake in a shortbread crust using apricot jam to replicate the pork pie gelatine. Following on from that the cake sausage roll combined the tastes of a raspberry Danish pastry with the look of a sausage roll.

wedding buffet food by Stuart Thornley

Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea from Stuart Thornely Cake Design

The addition of sandwiches made of cake gave the opportunity for the ultimate mad hatter afternoon tea, with all the savoury items being sweet and the sweet items being savoury. Tomato & basil cupcake anyone? Far nicer than it sounds.

The cakes have been a hit, especially with brides looking for something unique for their day. They have made perfect wedding favours, instantly making sugared almonds a thing of the past. One couple has even had them in a tower instead of cupcakes, and alongside this what else but a pork pie wedding cake!

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