This Red Wedding Hair Updo Flower Design looks absolutely breathtaking by show casing all the rich tones and shades of the bold red hair colour. The hair on top is backcombing creating a little height whilst the pleat from the nape of the neck turning into a series of curls and twists elongates the neck and gives an elegant look.

 Red Wedding Hair Updo Flower Design

This style is suited to brides to be with heart and round shape faces, the way the hair is put up will highlight a heart shapes beautiful cheekbones but also help to give the oval look to a round face. Big princess gowns and those layered with tulle are the perfect compliment to a pretty updo like this one.

To get this look start off by back combing the hair at the crown to create height, smooth over with spray eliminating fly aways and then fix into place with grips. Next starting at the nape of the neck twist the hair into a pleat or to add a little more interest why not try an upside down French plait. Once the hair all meets in the centre of head secure it with a bobble and start to curl the hair in the pony.

For any longer pieces of hair pin them round in a barrel curl then finish off with a few little flowers.