Professional or Friend Wedding Photography ? When it comes down to it selecting a photographer is not as simple as some of you may think, you’re giving them the big job of capturing the memories you will look back at and cherish for ever from your very special day.

candid wedding photography

Some couples go for the professionals, with some very good reasons why:

  • Unless they are new to the job they should have tons of experience with photographing big events like weddings so they should know exactly what there doing to capture the best shots possible.
  • They have all the professional equipment meaning the photos should be to a much higher quality than if taken on a high street bought digital camera.
  • They offer a wide range of packages most are willing to edit the photographs afterwards or add effects such as changing them from colour to black and white or picking the bouquet as a splash of colour in a mono-chrome image.
  • Being in the business they will know how to keep you calm and relaxed looking forward to your almost photo shoot like day a very good quality if you’re a little camera shy usually.

With all these good qualities it seems like there is no reason to consider anyone but a professional however there are some down sides:

  • Some companies cost a fortune and even for those that are a little more reasonable you’re still looking at over £500 which is quite a costly expense when you think about everything else you are going to be paying for too.
  • You need to be firm with them and tell them exactly what you want before hand asking for a specific price, this way they won’t be able to try and charge you extra for the edited you’ve already agreed on.
  • If they don’t set up a meeting with you before hand then don’t even think about choosing them, you need to feel comfortable with the man/woman who’s going to be attending your big day and following your every move closely. If there any good they would be dying to meet you and excited to plan out exactly what it is you want.

Pro’s and Con’s of Hiring a Professional

Considering all the pro’s and con’s of hiring a professional it’s time to look at the pro’s and con’s of asking a friend or family member to do the job. It around 50, 50 as to who does it DIY and who is willing to pay for professionals so it’s entirely up to you, what you feel comfortable doing and what suits you and your partner.

  • Friends and family members are usually more then happy to capture your wedding for no cost at all! Obviously you would have to pay for them to be printed or put on a disk but with digital printing costing as little as 12p now it will save you a fortune.
  • With all the photo-editing programs on computers available now its so easy to add that professional touch to photos very simply, you can download some of the programs for free and once you’ve mastered them you will most probably find them very useful in the future too!
  • If you’re a little uncomfortable having your photo took or simply don’t like the thought of a stranger following your every move on your big day then having a family member or friend step in should help you feel more relaxed about the idea. You want to look natural and happy at you’re wedding not stiff and worrying about when you’re next pictures going to be took, if that means it means you want your best friend to take the pics then so be it.

There are a couple of negatives having a non-professional step in but in most couples opinions there not enough to put people off especially when you think of all the money you would save.

  • Unless your friend or family member has experience at photographing at weddings in the past or has researched thoroughly all the types of images and angles that work best you shouldn’t expect photographs as flattering and well taken as the professionals would.
  • Another down side is if the photographer is close to you then more than likely you would have been inviting them to you’re wedding to enjoy your day anyway, having a job to do the whole day will restrict this but more importantly they won’t appear in any of the shots. This could be a problem if it’s your brother or a best friend that offers to do the job.

A good idea when your having a family member or a friend take all of your wedding photos is to put disposable cameras on the tables at the reception to this way you will have lots of photos to choose from if something goes wrong, you never one of them may end up being of professional photographer quality too!