There are a huge number of precious stones and different types of gemstones. Each of them has a different meaning and symbolises different characteristics. Each precious stone holds a very special place when it comes to wedding jewellery or even wedding anniversary gifts.

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Listed below are five of the most popular precious gems that are popular in wedding jewellery or symbolise wedding anniversaries where you can learn more on precious stones and their meanings.

Rose Quartz: This precious stone is known as the love stone, it is said to support peacefulness and calm in relationships. It helps to ease stress and tension and ids restful sleep. It is traditionally to give someone a Rose Quartz on their 1st or 2nd wedding anniversary.

Crystal Gemstone: This stones represents purity and peace. It is known as the stone for knowledge and beauty and is traditionally given to a couple on their 3rd wedding anniversary.

Amethyst stone: This is part of the quartz family and symbolises sincerity, security and peace of mind. It is traditional to give a couple an Amethyst stone on their 4th wedding anniversary.

Turquoise (happiness gemstone): The turquoise is a cheerful colour and is known as a symbol of happiness and encourages higher levels of confidence. It is traditional to given a couple this precious stone on their 5th wedding anniversary.

Aquamarine: This precious stone is traditionally the wedding anniversary stone for the 16th and 19th year of marriage. It is known to bring harmony in relationships.