Pomander Bouquet also known as kissing balls are balls of delicate flowers suspended from a decorative ribbon. Pomander bouquets look beautiful and petite often carried by flower girls and young bridesmaids, they are easy to old of loop over the wrist with the ribbon. Many flower types can be used to create the pomander as long as they are in fuller bloom as this will cover the sphere area better.

pomander wedding bouquets

The anemone are very delicate and pretty flowers that work wonderfully in pomander balls they are very pretty spring flowers that would suit the role of flower girls and bridesmaids perfectly. Other flowers which are idea are the carnation, rose buds, dahlia, daisy and gerbera flowers.

pink carnation pomander bouquets

If you intend on creating these lovely kissing balls they are simply flowers pushed into a sphere of oasis, you can add some colour variety with contrasting flowers or further interest with decorative beads, wire and ribbon curls, be careful not to detract from the simplistic look on these bouquets as they are beautiful as they are.

pomander wedding decorations

Add some additional colour into your wedding ceremony or reception with mini kissing balls.

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