Pink is the universal colour of love and is a favorite at weddings for those who love beauty. Most people see pink as a feminine, delicate colour. Certain shades of pink are a softer colour than most and have a romantic and charming feel about them.

pink wedding flowers

Pinks are a fabulous colour to use at weddings as it promotes feelings or care, love, tenderness and acceptance.  Classic pink flowers will add femininity to your wedding day, but beware some male grooms and guests might not really want to wear pink buttonholes!

Popular Pink Wedding Flowers.

Whether your flowers will be used for bridal bouquets, centrepieces on tables, or just decorations around the room, in general they are a great way to showcase your accent colour and create that beautiful pink wedding theme.

hot pink wedding flowers

Light, Pastel and Baby Pink Flowers

pink carnation

A subtle pink accent colour can be achieved with lighter shades of pink, pale pink blush roses or candy pastel pinks and of course the pretty baby pink shades.

You can also keep things light by adding only a few pink flowers to each bouquet, floral arrangements at the ceremony and pink flowers in your table centrepieces at wedding reception. The hint of colour will carry the theme through the wedding but not be overpowering.

Bold Hot and Deep Pink Flowers

hot pink hydrangea

For a more dominant or bold statement with pink choose the brighter cerise, shocking pink and hot pinks. The stronger shades of pink work well when combined with white and bright green foliage.

Striking, dramatic flowers will also add to the impact so choose the pink Gerbera Daisy for example and trails of matching satin ribbons.

Accessorising with your flowers is one of the easiest and most dramatic ways to include your complimenting colour.

Popular Pink Combinations

Pink can be matched with many other colours both lighter and dark.

For weddings the popular colour matches with pink are: Pink and brown, pink and green, pink and purple, pink and navy, pink and black, pink and white and pink and creams.

Flower Tip When planning your wedding and wedding flowers don’t forget to check the seasonality of your chosen flowers with your wholesalers or florists. Some flowers can be hard to get hold of in some months and this will reflect in the availability and their price.