Traditionally its will be the father of the bride who gives his speech first, Father of the Bride Speeches are usually a short and sentimental with an added dash of humour is the road father of the brides go down but its entirely up to you.

Father of the Bride Speeches

As long as you remember to thank all the guests for coming and make sure you wish your daughter and new son in law good health and happiness the rest is pretty straight forward. It’s the father of the brides who seem to spend that extra bit of time out to plan, rehearse and make sure their speech is perfectly up to scratch before the big day. Nerves aren’t usually an issue and proud fathers can’t wait to let everyone know how happy they are their daughter has found the man of her dreams! If you are struggling a little then stick to this step by step guide for the perfect father of the bride speech and you will be fine!

  • Start your speech introducing yourself and welcoming everyone to the wedding on behalf of you and you’re wife.
  • Thank everybody who was able to attend the special day and everybody that helped make it possible.
  • Say some world about your daughter making sure to add in how proud you are to be her father, you may want to recall a humorous event from her childhood not forgetting to mention how she’ll be an amazing wife.
  • welcome the groom into your family and say a few words about him, maybe how lucky he is to have married a daughter like yours…
  • Lastly a toast to the happy couple will finish off your speech wishing them happiness, you may want to add some words of wisdom from an already married mans point of view but keep it light hearted and simple!

The Perfect Speech

Once you have written the perfect speech keep in mind that practice makes perfect so just practice, practice, practice until the big day and remember wedding speeches don’t have to be set in stone, they can be added to or subtracted from at any time you wish. In some unfortunate cases the father of the bride is not around on his daughters wedding day this could be for one of many reasons but doesn’t mean you can’t have a father of the bride style speech. In cases like these it’s often a sibling usually a male that is willing to step in however it can be anyone close who has known the bride for a long time, it’s totally up to the bride.