Speeches are the part in the wedding that everybody looks forward to, they get to hear some really nice, meaningful things said about the newlyweds and always have the audience smiling ear to ear sometimes with a tear of happiness or in other cases crying with laughter!

Order of the Wedding Speeches

Traditionally there are three speeches at a wedding, the first consists of a few words said about the happy couple by the father of the bride wishing them happiness and welcoming the groom into his family. The second speech was always done by the groom thanking every one for coming and saying a few words about his new wife, usually making her blush!

However recently brides have also opted to give a speech and sometimes even the chief bridesmaid gives one too. It’s your wedding day and totally up to the happy couple to be who they ask to give a speech.

The third and final speech, usually a light hearten speech reminiscing on the groom and best mans relationship before the beautiful bride came along finishing off with a toast to the happy couple.

In all fairness it can be a stressful event for those delivering the speeches especially the best man, wondering what to say, when to say it and whether the guests will laugh on cue or not, and can sometimes get the better of a nervous speech giver.

Here at world of weddings we will help you construct your speech and deliver it hopefully nerve and stress free. Remember it’s an amazing once in a life time occasion and the speeches whether it’s the father of the brides, best mans or bride grooms speech it’s a great opportunity to have some fun and say a few heartfelt worlds.

Advice on Wedding Speeches

Here’s some world of weddings expertise advice on how to construct and give speeches along with the top 5 tips to help you stay calm and deliver on the day:

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