Perfect for the rustic themed wedding, the naked wedding cake is beauty in the simplest. With little fuss in decoration, icing or artistic flair these almost plain designed cakes still have that wow factor.

naked wedding cake

Above: The thin multi layers of sponge cream filling and with an unusual decoration of fruit flowers and figs this square cake look fantastic.

The whole point of the undecorated cake is to focus on the natural look of the cake, to add fruit and flowers and maybe a simple dusting of icing sugar these wedding cakes are still utterly mouth watering and have oozes of country, rustic and country garden charm.

naked wedding cake ideas

Above: The delicate dusting of sugar across both the cake and decorations add to the rusting look

naked non iced wedding cake

 Above: Beautifully presented this deep layered sponge has the drama, colour, design  and the taste – what more would your guests want?

fresh fruit cake

Above: Decorate with sponge biscuits, add fruit for colour and flavour and drizzling with melted chocolate! Fast, easy and ideal for the summer wedding.

When it comes to cutting the cake you are going to love this one ladies as its all about sharing that delight!