Brunette hair is naturally shiny and healthy looking and what better way to ware it then long, feminine and wavy for your wedding day showing off its shiny healthy condition. This Long Wavy Wedding Hair with Flowers is a combination of waves and curls pulled back off the face showing off your amazing features; it is a really pretty style to wear with strapless dresses or those with a lot of detail on the top half. With the hair being pulled off the face it won’t detract from any stunning detail your dress is adorned in.

Long Wavy Wedding Hair with Flowers

The side parting in this style along with the face shaping short layers around the front makes it the perfect style for brides with heart or oval shaped faces.

To create this look start by sectioning the hair and curling each section, the smaller the section the tighter the curls will be. A tip is to curl the hair tighter then you intend it to look as unless you have naturally curly hair however much hair spray or product you put on won’t stop the curls from dropping a little. Sweep the hair from the front of the face to the back securing with pins to create a half up do then loosely pull out a few shorter layers to frame the face.

Flowers can then be dotted around for some added detail, perfect!