This Long Brunette Wedding Hairstyle Plaits and Flowers is for bride’s who are looking for something that you wouldn’t typically see on a traditional bride, a style that unique and a bit different. It’s a very pretty hairstyle combining plaits with ribbons and flowers all together.

braided Renaissance style

This bridal style is a simple look to create but looks very effective and like it’s took a lot more time and effort then it actually has. Long hair looks beautiful on all face shapes and this style could easily be adapted to brides with straight, curly or wavy hair by going with what you naturally have, if you have a long face the only thing I would suggest is to make sure you have a fringe to help shorten you’re face and make it appear more oval.

This hair style works best by leaving your hair to its natural texture whether that’s straight, curly or wavy. If you’re hair is shoulder length or shorter then some clip in hair extensions are a non-permanent way of instantly lengthening you’re hair for the big day. Plaiting small sections of the hair and wrapping alternate ones with ribbon or adorning them with flowers. Leave the majority of the hair down, in this case less is more you don’t want to over do it and look like you have dreadlocks or have just come back from the Caribbean with your whole hair braided.