Beach wedding themes bring out that tropical, natural and warm sunny feel to a wedding. Whether you are having your wedding ceremony and reception at the seaside or just want to use the popular beach theme for your wedding there are a whole load of ideas and accessories that you will can use to make a fabulous theme and colour palette.

beach wedding theme

When you think of a beach themed wedding you may picture the natural blue, green and teal of the sea, white to golden sand tones and the natural browns of shells and driftwood or a more tropical island paradise with bright and bold flowers, large deep green palm leaves and parasols, sails and buntings creating and almost carnival scene.  Which ever look springs to mind there are lots of great accessories and natural elements that can be used.

Starfish, shells and sea urchins can be great for scattering around the tables, used as candle holders, lining the aisle if you are having a beach ceremony, or why not get creative and add some shells to make your very own beach wedding favours.  Shells also make the most unique and beautiful wedding bouquets.

shell bouquet

Centerpieces and table decorations can be also created from natural products, pebbles, flat shells and adding a message in a bottle will make fabulous table numbers and place cards and pebbles and crushes shells make a decorative and solid base for glass centre pieces. Tables decorated with fish nets, driftwood, coconuts and nautical designed accessories like anchors, lighthouses, lanterns boats and even man made seahorses or crabs designs.


Whilst you are having fun planning this amazing theme don’t forget a little forward thinking on behalf of your guests. Providing a small table or basket containing a few essentials and fun things like beach shoes or flip flops, suncream, wetwipes, buckets and spades and hand towels will ensure everybody has a great time and those moments are captured forever.  Photo props like straw hats, bright parasols and sunglasses for the wedding guests can be great fun too.

the gallivant

Image The Gallivant Wedding Venue on the South Coast.

 Why not also have a sand ceremony perfect for the theme and occasion, the wedded couple or in fact all the guests could take part in creating this lasting memento.  The sand ceremony generally starts with glass containers filled with a different coloured sand, these are then inturn poured into single layers in a larger glass container by the bride and groom. Once the sand is all used and the layers complete the container is then sealed. This is a strong and beautiful representation of the “two becoming one” concept that has resonated with couples all over the world.

sand ceremony

For us the beach wedding theme is all about fun and being creative, it will be a wedding to remember and with amazing wedding photographs to reflect back on.