After all the stress planning the perfect wedding day, a romantic relaxing honeymoon is what all couples need. It can be hard to try and get everything just right without being under some amount of pressure especially with all the decisions needed to be made.


If you’re struggling to decide what makes the perfect memorable honeymoon here are some pointers and ideas to help you in the right direction.

How to Choose your Honeymoon Destination

A honeymoon can be anything you want it to be, some couples just want to relax in the sun while others long for an action packed adventure holiday!

Deciding what you really want you’re honeymoon to involve plays a really big part of in what destination’s best suited. Here are some ideas of popular places to suit specific styles of honeymoons.

Sun, Sea and Sand Honeymoons

sunshineIf sun, sea and sand are high on the agenda for you’re honeymoon, then the white sandy beaches complimented with the clear blue ocean of the Caribbean islands will be a great romantic destination to relax and spend the first days as a married couple.

Glamour and Luxury Honeymoonsluxury

It may sound pricey but it doesn’t have to be! If you long for a honeymoon in a 5 star location and wish to be waited on hand and foot then the south of France is a beautiful place to go. St. Tropez, Cannes and Monte Carlo offer many luxury 5 star hotels a little closer to home and saving money on traveling will leave you all the more for those glamorous days and nights in favourite locations of many celebrities.

Action Packed Honeymoons

attractionsHoneymoons are a little like once in a life time holidays that you get to spend with the one you love, so why not make the most of that time and do something a little different?

For the animal lovers safari’s, swimming with dolphins or if you’re a bit on the dare devil side diving with sharks are all popular exciting activities you can experience together. They can be a little pricey but are really great memorable wedding gifts to ask for off family and friends…

Other alternatives are hiking or skiing in the alps for the more active couple.

Sight Seeing Honeymoons

If you’re a couple who loves to see the sights then what place more romantic then Paris! Its home of one of the most well known landmarks in Europe the Eiffel tower which looks stunning lit up at sunset. If Paris isn’t you’re cup of tea why not travel the romantic way by Gondola down the Grand Canal and have lunch overlooking the famous historic Piazza San Marco square in Venice.

How Long Should a Honeymoon Behoneymoon

When you start planning you’re wedding the honeymoon can easily be forgotten or left until one of the last things on the to do list. Planning in advance will ensure everything gets sorted and time off work can be booked early enough to ensure your dates fit with the wedding.

Another big factor as to how long you go away for maybe that you have young children, this may mean that you can only take a romantic weekend off rather than a two week honeymoon. Friends or relatives are usually more than happy to help out, but again they need enough notice.

If you are limited as to how long you can spend away without a care in the world, then try and go somewhere closer to home. It may seem a bit silly going on a flight half way around the world if you only have five days to spare, you will end up spending the majority of the time travelling than relaxing.

How Much to Spend on Honeymoon


Weddings followed by honeymoons can be massively expensive, like most you probably will want the best of the best for your special day and everything to be perfect!

Honeymoons are a much more special than you’re average holiday and newly weds tend to be happy spending more for the occasion. However the worst thing you can do is spend too much on travel and hotels than you can afford as this can leave you counting the pennies on every trip out you take.

Booking holidays in advance can get you great discounts, but what better time to go when the kids are all in school?! If you’re not bothered about going slap bang in the middle of summer time then great, flights and hotel prices all over the world are about a third of the price when children aren’t on their school holidays.

If you’re not big on travelling and all you really want is to have a good time together then what better way to save money then to stay in the country in a picturesque cottage. The fresh air and beautiful scenery will be the perfect setting for picnics, rowing boats on lakes in the great British country side and maybe a log fire in the evenings.

Going further a field will cost you a lot more in flights, however the cost of living is cheaper in most places outside of Europe, bear that in mind when you’re deciding where to go. Travel agents are a god send when you’re undecided and trying to save money, comparing prices, destinations and breaking up the payment over a number of months can help out a lot of couples.