It is important you bare in mind the location of you wedding when picking your perfect shoe. If you are planning to get married abroad, it might be a good idea to choose a sandal or a crystal covered flip flop to ensure your feet remain cool and comfortable.

How to Choose Wedding Shoes

If you are getting married on the beach a sandal or wedge will stop you from sinking into the sand and make sure your feet are able to breath.

If you are planning on getting married in England, although the majority of weddings are held at indoor venues due to the unpredictable weather it is still nice to take some outdoor photographs. High heels have a tendency to sink into the ground. To avoid this from happening, wedges or ballet pumps will keep feet dry as well as preventing you from sinking. Brides have even been known to wear white wellingtons for their photographs in winter months!

Dress Styles and your Wedding Shoes

When selecting your wedding shoes you must take into consideration your dress, they have to compliment the length, colour and detailing perfectly. The choice of wedding shoes is equally as large as the choice of wedding dresses, whether you decide on high heels, low heels, sandals or even fancy flip flops, there will be the perfect pair of bridal shoes out there for you, and your dress.

You should not leave buying your wedding shoes until the last minute, as they can completely alter the length of your dress, you should select a shoe height before any alterations are made, the last thing you need if for your dress to be too long/short.

It would be very beneficial to take a fabric sample of your wedding dress shoe shopping with you. If your dress is simple and elegant, you might want to select a fancy shoe and vice verse, if you have a fancy dress a simple shoe would compliment it well.

Budget for Shoes

If you are getting married on a budget you need not worry, there is a lot of affordable options out there for you. Wedding boutiques and wedding dress shops usually add a high mark up cost on shoes, and you will most probably be able to find similar, if not identical copies on the high-street.

Why not have a go at designing your own wedding shoes? Buy a plain pair of shoes and decorate them to your own unique taste with crystals beads and pearls.

Popular wedding shoe designers

Jimmy choo – probably one of the most established shoe makers of the moment is Jimmy Choo, who offers a brilliant range of crafted bridal shoes and sandals.

Vera Wang – This lady is often referred to as ‘the queen of all things bridal’, her range of bridal footwear is sleek yet classic.

Paris Hilton – Paris Hiltons fashion empire has recently launched a line of wedding shoes. These are very fashionable yet affordable for all brides!

Aruna Seth – Aruna Seth’s bridal footwear promises to provide glamour with no compromise on comfort.

Benjamin Adams – Benjamin Adams wedding shoe collection never fails to please. Creating luxury footwear from the finest of materials at reasonable prices.