Mexico is a really popular destination for honeymooners at the moment, it’s situated in Northern America and provides a variety of honeymoon styles all in one place giving couples the choice to take part in the best of everything from spa’s and relaxing to bungee jumping and excitement. Return flights from the UK cost around £500 and will most likely take over 10 hours depending on where you fly to.

Hawksbill Turtle (Eretmochelys imbriocota) and diver in Cozumel Mexico

 Attractions in Mexicoattractions

  • For sun loving couples who are after a romantic beach honeymoon then Mexico has many perfect settings to offer, Costalegre is a very private paradise area of Mexico often visited by celebrities. Its luxury hotels and stretches of golden sands surrounded by palm trees make it perfect for a once in a life time visit.
  • The Mayan Riviera is a must stay location for those interested in scuba diving and snorkeling, it’s home to the worlds second largest coral reef full with marine and wildlife why wouldn’t you want to take a trip there?
  • If you’re the exploring type who love ancient ruins or just can’t resist a bit of architectural culture then lucky for you Mexico is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Chichén Itzá. Built before 1200 A.D the Chichén Itzá ruins is a must see if you travel to Mexico.
  • For couples who want to do a bit of everything on their honeymoon and make the most out of every moment locations such as Cancun and Cozumel offer a wide range of things to do to suit every one. From golf, cruises, parks, swimming with dolphins and deep sea fishing to nightlife and adventures you can see why Mexico is a popular destination for honeymooners!

gorgeous beaches

Best Time of Year to go to Mexico

sunshineThe best time of year to visit Mexico varies for each couple, if you like it hot and humid then June, July, August and September are the months you should go. Any other time of the year is still going to be hot just not as unbearable for some couples. Keep in mind before you think about booking a honeymoon there looking for sun that the hurricane season lasts from June to November, this doesn’t mean there will be non stop terrible weather just more chance of a hurricane happening.