One of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice is defiantly the place to go if you love historical old towns and quaint little cafes. Venice is made up of 117 islands in Northern Italy, the most romantic way to travel is by gondola soaking up its peaceful atmosphere and charm away from all the hustle and bustle of traffic jams back home. Direct flights take around 2 and a half hours but aren’t available all year round and taking two flights can work out expensive so make sure you look into it and make sure it’s within you’re budget.

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Attractions in Veniceattractions

  • Besides the grand canal Venice is most famous for St Marks Square or Piazza San Marco, surrounded with magnificent historical churches and buildings dotted with elegant cafés and designer shops it has a real extravagant feel anybody would enjoy.
  • The bell tower ( Campanile di San Marco) is the highest structure in Venice, it offers amazing views of the city and on clear days snow topped mountains can be seen in the distance! It’s hard to believe it was built in the 9th century however it has been rebuilt since after collapsing but in exactly the same way salvaging what they could. Taking a trip to the top together you will witness the most breath taking views Venice has to offer.
  • With night clubs at a minimum Venice is the place that offers a more sophisticated romantic choice for evenings. There are many excellent restaurants over looking the beautiful lit up canal offering outdoor seating ever so romantic on a clear starry night, there are also the cafés that often have live music playing through out the night. If you want to experience the true Venetian way of life then tucked away you will find the more quaint authentic restaurants.

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Best Time of Year to go to Venice

sunshineMay, June and September are the best months to visit the magical city. July and August are still good weather wise how ever they are also the busiest months, it can get very hot and sticky in the narrow streets when crammed with tourists. If you’re having a winter wedding and want to escape over the winter months then although cold and a little bit wet Venice’s canals and streets look magically beautiful and peaceful.