Thailand is well known for its unspoilt beauty and great value for money. The bustling centre Bangkok is a great contrast from the tranquil beaches the country has to offer. Located at the south east of Asia flights will take around 12 hours and cost around £450 not a bad price to pay considering the amazing time you’re guaranteed to have there. Thailand is a simply breath taking choice of location for a romantic honeymoon.


Attractions in Thailandattractions

The amount of amazing things Thailand has to offer to offer is unbelievable it’s truly a once in a life time experience and what better time to experience it then with the one you love on your honeymoon!

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  • The elephant camp is a must visit at Thailand, you get the chance to see the animals in their natural habit whilst having the amazing opportunity to tour the camp on elephant back!
  • For an unusual experience why not visit the only floating market in the world, Thailand is known to be a like a second Venice with all its canals whilst the Thai’s not only use them as a way of transport but also to sell their fresh produce to other locals!
  • If you’re into temples and ancient ruins then Thailand has them dotted all over in abundance a great one to check out would be San Phra Kan, temple of monkeys. It’s a little different then the others with a large number of tame monkeys who have made their home at the temple!
  • Khao Luang Cave is one of the hidden gems in Thailand, it’s thought of as one of the most important caves due to it’s 12ft Buddhist statue. The cave provides a great escape from the bustling centres and it makes a change from the hot beaches whilst keeping you entertained with loads to explore.

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Best Time of Year to go to Thailand

sunshineThe best time of year to visit is during Thailand’s ‘cool’ season, from November to the end of February. Temperatures are in the high 20’s and low 30’s still very very hot but bearable compared to their summer months. It’s the countries most popular season with tourist’s and provides a great escape to the harsh British winter weather.

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