Paris is the capital and largest city in France, situated on the river Seine and surrounded by historical architecture and monuments. It’s said to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and most romantic city in the world. Being so close to home you have the opportunity to drive however very cheap flights are available for less then £100 per person! Leaving you with more money to spend on the fabulous cuisine and 5* hotels.

eiffel tower paris

Attractions in Paris

Thousands of people every year take the trip to Paris and what better time to explore the romantic city then with your new partner on you’re honeymoon.


  • The Eiffel tower has to be one of the most famous land marks in the world, climb it in the day and see the spectacular view of Paris leaving the night time to drink wine beneath it lit up by over 20,000 lights!
  • If you’re into art then the Louvre is a must see. It houses Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa along with over 30,000 other pieces of art.
  • The cathedral Notre-Dame (French for our lady of Paris) is a stunning Gothic masterpiece built before the 14th century! It’s been restored after it was damaged in the French Revolution and will have any couple who visit it captured by its beauty and magnificence.
  • Night time in Paris is just as romantic if not more then the day, a popular choice for honeymooners is to take a moon lit trip down the river Seine. Cruises down the river are a great opportunity to see all the sights whilst enjoying a 3 course meal and expensive wine!

Alexander III Bridge Paris

 Best Time of Year to go to Paris

sunshineThe best time to visit the romantic city is spring or early autumn, this is great as you get to miss out on the ridiculous rise in flight and hotel prices when the children are on their school holidays. It won’t be at it’s hottest but Paris isn’t meant to be a sun, sea and sand honeymoon plus all the locals tend to shut their businesses over the summertime and venture on holidays them selves meaning not much would be open.